Try All 10 Pack

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    This pack includes 1 bag of each product, including 4 flavours of chickpea trail mix, 4 flavours of chickpea bites, 1 chickpea powder, and 1 chickpea crumbs. 


    Products included in this pack:

    1. Chocolate Baru Berry Trail Mix (175g bag)

    2. Chocolate Banana Trail Mix (175g bag)

    3. Tropical Trail Mix (175g bag)

    4. Apple Raisin Trail Mix (175g bag)

    5. S'mores Bites (150g bag)

    6. Chocolate + Quinoa Bites (150g bag)

    7. NO-OATmeal Raisin Bites (150g bag)

    8. Maple Cinnamon Bites (150g bag)

    9. Roasted Chickpea Powder (300g bag)

    10. Roasted Chickpea Crumbs (300g bag)


    Allergy info: Our S'mores bites contain soy