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Valerie Piccitto, B.A., RHN, CNE


Valerie is a Holistic Nutritionist, Culinary Nutrition Expert, health blogger, recipe developer & currently studying homeopathy. She is passionate about food, obsessive about clean skin care & has a zeal for healthy living.


Why Valerie Loves Being A Yes, Peas! Ambassador

Becoming an ambassador for Yes Peas is such a natural fit for me because I genuinely LOVE all of the products. Yes Peas products are completely in line with how I eat - they are made with real, whole foods and incredibly delicious - is there anything better?! I'm proud to be an ambassador for Yes, Peas!

Jaclyn Irwin


Jaclyn is a Holistic Nutritionist and founder of Holistic Foodie, a food and lifestyle brand exemplifying her love of whole food and natural beauty. Jaclyn offers one-on-one consultations and coaching and teaches her clients the importance of developing a healthier relationship with real, whole food instead of a diet based on restriction and avoidance.

Why Jaclyn Loves Being A Yes, Peas! Ambassador

I truly enjoy working with brands and products that align with my own healthy lifestyle and allow me the opportunity to share this love with as many people as I can. I love the products because of the simple and healthy ingredients. I love that the ingredients are not only clean, nutritious and high quality but they also provide the nutrients that people need to keep them fueled throughout the day. With snacks that taste as good as these and the right balance of fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals these totally keep me from becoming hangry, a problem that everyone should avoid.

Mike Van Mil (AKA Paramedic Mike)


Mike strives to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle and has been running for two years completing various distances including 2 marathons and 4 half marathons. He currently works full and part time as a paramedic in Ontario. He and his running wife have two children active in hockey and dance.

Why Mike Loves Being A Yes, Peas! Ambassador

With my busy work and family schedule I am always looking for quick, healthy snacks for both me and my children after our workouts and while on the go.  As a family we are always looking for products that compliment our healthy, gluten reduced, vegan friendly diet.  I am impressed and excited at how well the Yes, Peas! product lineup will compliment our diet. 

Melissa Macchione, RHN


Melissa is a Toronto-based Holistic Nutritionist, Pilates Instructor, Yoga Teacher and Mom. Melissa empowers, inspires and motivates her clients to take control of their health, transform their mind and body, and ultimately change their lives. 

Why Melissa Loves Being A Yes, Peas! Ambassador

With so many products out on the market these days it is no wonder there is so much confusion as to what is good for us, and what is not. Yes, Peas! takes out the guess work and delivers a product you can trust! Yes, Peas! is a lifesaver especially when looking for healthy pre-made snacks that are nut-free for school-aged children. It is everything you need in a snack and more! 

Meredith Youngson


Meredith is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a focus on plant-based health and wellness. Her blog pür body nutrition is a valuable resource to new or veteran vegans, or anyone looking to make vegetables taste a little more fabulous! Meredith's goal is to bring fun and whimsy to the vegan nutrition world- one over-the-top buddha bowl at a time.

Why Meredith Loves Being A Yes, Peas! Ambassador

A solid snack should be these three things: delicious, portable, and consciously made. Yes, Peas! totally checks all of these boxes. As a constant snacker, legumes are my favourite way to fill your belly, keep energy high and stabilize blood sugar. Its great to have a new way to enjoy chickpeas! As a Yes, Peas! ambassador I am happy to spread my love for delicious, nourishing snacks that make you feel as good as they taste!

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Kelsey Reidl


Kelsey is a Toronto-based nutritionist, indoor cycling teacher, and wellness blogger; all in addition to fer full time role as a Marketing Manager for a nutrition company. In her spare time you can find her trying out all of the city's amazing fitness studios and coffee shops, baking up a gluten-free storm in her kitchen, or spending time with friends and family.

Why Kelsey Loves Being A Yes, Peas! Ambassador

Managing both a full time and part time jobs is something I'm very passionate about, and find to be extremely fulfilling and rewarding at the end of each day. One of my top priorities in finding a healthy balance with everything I do is to never neglect my nutrition; and that's where healthy snacking plays a huge part. Yes, Peas! come with me on long car rides, travels to the West Coast, and on days when I have no idea what my schedule will look like! That't why i'm stoked to be a Yes, Peas! ambassador.

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Kaylee Feldman


Kaylee is a soon-to-be Physiotherapist with a strong passion for living a healthy and active lifestyle. She is ambitious in the kitchen and uses wholesome ingredients to create healthy and delicious recipes that are easy to make!

Why Kaylee Loves Being A Yes, Peas! Ambassador

After trying my first Yes, Peas! snack, I was instantly hooked. It's not often that you find a snack that is so simple, nutritious and delicious! Whether you are an elite athlete, a mother, or a student, Yes, Peas! is the perfect snack to fuel your body right and get you through the day. I want to help spread the word and share my love for the Yes Peas! brand with the world!

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Tracy Rain


Tracy is a special education teacher for York Region District School Board. She lives in Richmond Hill with her husband, 2 teenagers and 2 dogs. She is a passionate runner and triathlete currently training for Ironman Muskoka 70.3.  

Why Tracy Loves Being A Yes, Peas! Ambassador

Training for endurance sports takes lots of dedication.  It also means I need to fuel my body properly.  I am always on the the look out for tasty healthy snacks. When a good friend told me about Yes Peas I knew I had to try some.  The trail mix turned out to be a perfect snack before or after any workouts and the bites are perfect during my long endurance workouts. They taste delicious, they are all natural, and are made by an awesome small company that cares about the quality of their products.

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Barbie Van Allen


Barbie is excited about the third chapter of her life. She has been studying holistic nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and exploring ways to use this learning to help family and friends. Nutrition was the natural step following various fitness certifications.  Her focus is to exemplify Vitality in Action -- Living and Learning with Passion and Seasoning. 

Why Barbie Loves Being A Yes, Peas! Ambassador

I am thrilled to be a Yes, Peas! Ambassador to be able to spread the goodness that these products represent in so many healthy ways. Easy, nourishing, organic and ‎oh, so tasty (maybe even addictive?). There are no stores near me so I can hardly wait to share these products with healthy outlets close to home. 

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Emily Weinmann


Emily is a mother, wife, DIYer, fashion lover and furniture maker who runs a support group for mothers in Toronto. She is a soon to be mother of two who is focused on raising her children in a modern, health conscious and respectful way, while still making sure to remember to take care of herself! 

Why Emily Loves Being A Yes, Peas! Ambassador

Having health conscious snacks that are easy to grab and go is hugely important- snacks that I love as much as my kids do is a huge plus. After giving birth to my daughter, I also was diagnosed with Celiac disease, so gluten free, yummy snacks are a MUST in our house!

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Allison Miceli   


Allison is full-time creative junkie and part-time fitness fanatic. She is a work-in-progress runner, yogi, cyclist and triathlete in training, a foodie at heart and avid world traveler who thrives chasing her #runlife #sweatlife goals while helping to foster the fit community in Toronto. She found her stride in runner almost 2 years ago through the Tribe Fitness #LearntoRun program in Toronto and recently completed her first half marathon! She is an ambitious hustler who embraces the work hard, play harder mentality.

Why Allison Loves Being A Yes, Peas! Ambassador

Having once dealt with a number of food sensitivities, I take pride in really understanding the food that I am using to fuel my body on a daily basis and in my training. Yes, Peas! is the ultimate snack companion for folks like myself who have an active life style and look for an on-the-go, mobile snack that are both tasty and healthy - no guess work here. I am very excited to be an ambassador for a brand who's products are locally produced,all natural, organic, vegan friendly, gluten-free, peanut/tree nut free and contain no GMOs/MSG. It certainly makes me feel good about my choice for snacking and I can't wait to share this with others!

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Laura Stolf


I am super passionate about living a healthy lifestyle-mind, body, and spirit. As role models for our children, my husband and I, consistently encourage our son and daughter to become health conscious citizens who contribute positively to their community. 



I am a full time elementary school teacher in the GTA. One of the many subjects I get to teach is health. I love sharing my passion for healthy living with my students.


Due to various food allergies and intolerances, I have had to become a very discerning shopper and super creative in the kitchen. I have been a recipe tester for Chatelaine Magazine, Jesse Lane Wellness(holistic nutritionist), Danielle Walker (author of Against All Grain), and I was the official recipe tester for holistic nutritionist Joy McCarthy and her soon to be released book entitled Joyous Detox.

Why Laura Loves Being A Yes, Peas! Ambassador

I am always on the lookout for allergen friendly, organic, school safe foods and snacks. Yes, Peas! is the perfect answer. Yes, Peas! are scrumptious right out of the bag, but they also make a delicious addition to salads, smoothie bowls, yougurt, chia seed pudding and more. 


I appreciate any company, especially local Canadian companies, who are working hard to get healthy foods, snacks, and products onto our store shelves. I would love to play an instrumental role in making this happen. The world needs more businesses like these. 

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Mary Mammoliti


Mary is a foodie in love with good food, obsessed with cooking and a passion for finding healthy alternatives to daily meal planing. 


Why Mary Loves Being A Yes, Peas! Ambassador

I absolutely love everything about Yes,Peas! From the natural ingredients to the health benefits in each bite. It's packed with protein and fiber making this my go to snack.


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