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Delicious chickpea snacks for the whole family!


At Yes, Peas! we are commited to providing you with delicious chickpea snacks that not only taste great, but are also great for you. We make all of our snacks by hand in small batches, with tons of love and care. We use simple, real ingredients that make our snacks irresistably delicious. We use roasted chickpeas as the base in all of our snacks, to provide you with a high protein, high fiber, nutrient-rich snack that is free from peanuts and tree nuts. 


All of our snacks are free from:













Our TRAIL MIXES are a blend of crunchy roasted chickpeas, seeds, dried fruit, and superfoods, made without added sugar or sulphites. We roast the chickpeas with a hint of coconut oil and sea salt, and combine them with the highest quality ingredients to create energizing, satisfying, and mouth watering mixes that are perfect for snacking on any time of the day.


Our CHICKPEA BITES are the perfect popable snack, full of nutrituous ingredients that make it acceptable to eat the whole bag in one sitting (don't worry, we do it too!). They are made with delicious roasted chickpeas to create the perfect combination of crunchiness and chewiness in every bite. 


Our snacks are PERFECT for:


  • snack time; anytime

  • on-the-go

  • before or after a workout

  • part of a healthy breakfast

  • on a hike or picnic

  • topping on yogurt or oatmeal


We love chickpeas for their flavour, versatility, and ability to keep us feeling full and energized for longer. They have fewer calories and less fat than most nuts, and are higher in fiber. Our snacks are delicious, and they just so happen to be good for you, too. We’re proud to provide you with 100% natural, high protein, nutrient-packed snack that we know you’ll love. Clean, energizing, wholesome foods just taste better, and we want the best for you.


  • gluten

  • peanuts/tree nuts

  • artificial flavours/colours

  • MSG or yeast extract

  • preservatives

  • GMOs

  • sulphites

  • dairy

  • eggs

  • corn

  • soy

  • trans fat


I hope you enjoy our snacks in great health and happiness!


Shannon Kadlovski,

Nutritionist & Founder of Yes, Peas!

Shannon Kadlovski is a Toronto based nutritionist, author, and speaker. She founded Yes, Peas! in 2015 out of the need for more wholesome, high protein, high fiber snacks that were also nut-free. Many of the trail mixes and bites on the market contain nuts, and since her allergy diagnoses in 2006, she has replaced all of the nuts in her diet with chickpeas. She found that chickpeas were not only a replacement for nuts, but also a filling, energizing, wholesome food for everyone to enjoy. They are incredibly versatile, provide substance, crunch, protein, fiber and a whack of beneficial nutritents. They are the perfect addition to so many recipes, which is why Shannon has developed an entire line of chickpea based snacks and foods that she will be releasing and sharing for many years to come. 

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